Guide Maintenance and cleaning of carpets Sisal

1. Use a vacuum cleaner periodically, if possible daily or whenever necessary: ​​Sisal is a natural fiber resistant, static-free. Consequently does not attract dust or dirt captures too much. To maintain the original beauty of the rug or carpet, it is essential to use the vacuum cleaner. Although the need for vacuuming is not visible, it is important to remove small dust particles which penetrate between the fibers causing wear. We recommend using a good vacuum cleaner for best results;

2. All rugs and sisal carpets are for internal use only. They should not be placed in the sun or exposed to excessive moisture;

3. How to protect rugs and Natural Fibres Carpets - The immediate care of every kind of stain it is extremely important to remove in rugs and sisal carpet. As a natural fiber, sisal has a high level of absorption. We therefore recommend the immediate maintenance observing the guidelines contained below:

Always clean the affected place immediately, gently absorbing the liquid with an absorbent paper without pressure or rubbing. For solid, remove the excess before cleaning using a rounded tip of knife or spatula;
If the stain is dry, gently dry brush off excess material, then wipe with a sponge or damp cloth to remove the rest. Never attempt to remove the stain with homemade or unknown products;
Expose the carpet to the sun once per month for 15 minutes;
If you can not do the cleaning, delivered to specialized professionals, given the specialized professionals;
If the wet carpet, try to get it back before drying, washing it in full. Use mild soap with water to remove all impurities and let it dry flat with the shade. Once dry, place it in the sun for 30 minutes. *

* This domestic washing method can ruin your carpet and should only be used in an attempt to retrieve it. Usually the carpets are with loose fibers. If in doubt, always consult a professional who specializes in carpet cleaning.

4. We recommend some procedures for cleaning, as follows:

Grease and oils - remove the excess with a knife and then wipe with a clean white cloth with alcohol to 92% impurity;
Chocolate, milk and coffee - soak up the liquid with absorbent paper over and under the carpet, and then wipe with a clean white cloth with alcohol to 92% impurity;
Wine and other beverages - absorb liquid on both sides of the mat using a dry cloth or absorbent paper without rubbing and pass a white cloth with alcohol if the stain persists;
Blood - Clean the affected area with white cloth and hydrogen peroxide 10 volumes;
Wax and Candle - gently scrape the wax with a rounded tip of knife;
Fruits and sauces - remove the excess with a spoon and pass a white cloth with alcohol 92%;
Ink pen - wipe with a clean cloth and white with alcohol. Removal is only possible if this stain come from only risk ballpoint pen;
Mud and clay - remove the excess and pass a dry brush. Persisting, pass a cloth with alcohol;
Urine and sweat - use only white cloth adding a little mild detergent. Because it is very acidic liquid, urine is difficult to remove.

• Never use household chemicals;
• If the carpet is stained and can not recover it, you can make a painting with water-based ink;
• In case of internal wetting the carpet, and use a dry cloth to absorb external moisture, we recommend using a hair dryer to evaporate the internal moisture.

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