The production of sisal carpets was one of the solutions found by APAEB to develop the sisal region. Until then the product was little valued and the producer was the victim, of the middlemen who imposed the price they wanted.

The APAEB sisal carpet and carpet factory is located in Valente, 244 kilometers from Salvador, Bahia. It was built with resources from Banco do Nordeste, Disop, an institution linked to the government of Belgium, and the Inter American Foundation, the United States and inaugurated in 1996.

The industry has modern looms with capacity to produce up to 100 thousand square meters of carpets and rugs per month. The factory operates daily and generates about 250 direct jobs. Most of the production is destined for the domestic market, with periodic exports to the United States, Europe, and South America.

The quality of carpets and the concern for the preservation of the environment in the countries of the first world drive our growth. Sisal fiber is a natural product and, when discarded, decomposes without polluting nature like synthetic products.

Quality policy 

APAEB (Community Production and Marketing Association of Sisal) strives to develop the sisal region through the production and marketing of carpets, carpets, yarns, ropes and sisal fibers, taking into account social, economic and sustainable aspects.

APAEB is committed to:

• Meet the needs and requirements of its customers; 
• Continuously improve its processes and products; 
• Develop and train its employees; 
• Preserve the health and safety of employees, preventing the occurrence of occupational accidents and diseases; 
• Maintain controls and actions minimizing and avoiding contamination of the environment; 
• To act continuously and harmoniously with the community in which it operates; 

To promote sustainable social and economic development, aiming at improving the quality of life of the small rural producers of the sisaleira region.

Be a national reference as a leading organization in the manufacture of sisal carpets and carpets.